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Experience and Exterior Painting

With over a decade of experience, Star Golden Painting has built a name and quite a reputation in residential and commercial painting services. Offering the transparency and dedication you have been looking for.

Exterior Painting calls for expert precision and time on the field. So if you want to value your investment, we are here for your upcoming painting job!

Exterior Painting Prep

Painting Pro Satisfaction Guaranteed

Get the respect and treatment you deserve for a stress-free project. We guarantee your satisfaction by walking you through the various phases of your project. Assurance and validation are key to the success of an exterior painting.

Beautiful and detailed outcomes for distant and closer looks!

Residential Exterior Painting Services

Our exterior painting services cover everything from different siding materials to different deck types. We understand that each exterior painting project is unique, and our professional painters are equipped to handle houses of any size and complexity. Local painting contractors are the safest and best choice when looking for an evaluation and free estimate, talk to us today!

Worcester Siding Painting

Siding Painting

When working with siding painting, it’s important to ensure durability and aesthetic appeal that lasts. We understand that each siding material requires a specific approach – from flexible, high-quality acrylic paints for vinyl that accommodate temperature shifts, to specialized primers for wood siding that seal against moisture and enhance paint adherence.

Trust us to bring expertise, quality materials, and attention to detail to your exterior painting project, transforming your home with a finish that’s as durable as it is beautiful.

Deck Painting Services

Rescue your outdoor living space with our premier deck painting services. Our team specializes in transforming decks into vibrant, welcoming extensions of your home. Understanding that decks face constant exposure to the elements, we select only the highest quality paints and stains designed to protect and enhance the natural beauty of your wood or composite decking.

From initial cleaning and preparation to the final brush stroke, we ensure every detail is attended to with precision.

Painted Deck Project

Star Golden Process
For Exterior House Painting​

The more experienced the team, the more advantageous for you! There is no time to waste; our professional exterior painters will perform a professional and safe job for a complete home renovation! Check out our painting process:


Personalized Consultation & Detailed Estimate

We initiate a personal consultation to capture your vision for your home's exterior, followed by a comprehensive estimate that lays out the scope and cost, ensuring transparency from the outset.


Rigorous Preparation

Our preparation is key to a lasting finish. We meticulously clean and sand the surfaces to remove old paint and debris, repair any damage, and tape off windows and doors for clean edges, setting the stage for a flawless application.


High-Quality Painting

We employ only high-grade exterior paints that stand up to the elements, applying them with expert techniques to ensure even coverage, vibrant color, and durability against weather, UV rays, and wear.


Efficient and Timely Execution

Recognizing the importance of your time, we adhere to a strict schedule, efficiently managing the project to avoid delays, ensuring we finish within the agreed timeframe without sacrificing quality.


Completion and Satisfaction Guarantee

Our job isn't finished until you're completely satisfied. We conduct a final cleanup and a comprehensive walk-through with you to ensure every detail meets your expectations and our high standards.

Worcester County Painters That Stand Out

We’ve been servicing Worcester County in Massachusetts for years now, with a fine reputation and great customer reviews, our residential painting services are exactly what you need them to be… complete!

Going Local For Your Painting Services

Hear from our satisfied customers in Worcester County who have experienced our amazing job firsthand. Going Local supports your community and increases assistance in your projects, since dealing with local house painters.

Beautiful Living Room Painted (Crown Molding Ceiling)

Interior Painting Services

Looking for interior painting instead!? As a complete and professional painting company, interior painting services are part of our expertise in the field! With detailed work and a respectful team, we will do an excellent job painting your home!

White Residence Painted

Exceptional Exterior Expertise

Our exterior painters are not just experts in applying paint; they are true masters of their craft, deeply understanding the interplay of color, texture, and the specific challenges presented by outdoor environments. With extensive experience, they excel in transforming your home’s exterior, ensuring each brush stroke is precise and perfect.

Exterior Residence Painter

Effortless Process, Enduring Results

From the initial free estimate to the meticulous final cleanup, we promise a straightforward and satisfying experience. Our team operates with utmost professionalism, treating your property with care and keeping you informed, making the entire process worry-free for you.

Contact Information & Next Steps...​

For more information or to hire our professional painters in Worcester County, MA, please contact us at (508) 816-6389. We’re excited to work with you on your interior painting projects and bring your vision to life.

Choosing Star Golden Painting Services means entrusting your home to painters who are committed to doing an excellent job.

Our dedication to quality work and customer satisfaction makes us a reliable painting contractor in Worcester County.